Oral Presentations Guidelines

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Each student will deliver a presentation (in Spanish) based on the film festival final project.

Length: 12-15 minutes (8-10 for undergraduate students)
Information from the presentation will appear in the final exam. Attendance is compulsory. Please plan accordingly.


1. A handout 20%
NOTE: The handout accounts for 20% of the presentation grade, please plan your effort accordingly.
Make enough copies to distribute to all of your classmates and to Dr. Medina.

Organize the handout as follows:
i. Provide enough information on the proposed festival.
ii. List specific details: list of films, venue, and so forth.
iii. Include a short bibliography of sources that can help somebody wishing to further research the topic. You can add overall general topics if you cannot find enough sources on the film itself, e.g. national films, theory(ies) you use.

2. The presentation's content 25%
a) You can use the "Proyecto de un festival de cine" (PDF) as a guideline to organize your presentation. Do not answer every question and only address the ones worth mentioning; use your own judgement to select what content to present.
b) Please, make sure you research your topic carefully so you can present an interesting, educational, and well-organized presentation. Avoid having several random topics that you merely mention superficially.

3. Delivery 40%
i. It is impossible to get an A if you merely read out a text that you have previously prepared. Instead, work from an outline or notes and concentrate in keeping your audience interested in your exposition.

4. Visual aids 15%

NOTE: Please limit clips to no more than 20 seconds each, for a maximum de four.
a. Please, feel free to use overhead transparencies, slides, slides, pictures, video clips, background music, or whatever visual or audio aid that might help you deliver a more enticing presentation.
Of course, Dr. Medina will gladly help you or guide you if you need it.
If you need help getting yor slide presentation or clips ready I suggest you visit the Digital Media Suite (louisville.edu/digitalmediasuite) in the Ekstrom Library. They open from Monday -Thursday 10:00am - 9:00pm and Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm and they can provide great help.

Oral Presentations Guidelines