The 24th “Reel” Latin American Film Festival
F R E E    A D M I S S I O N    |    P U B L I C     W E L C O M E

Showtimes and Locations
Thursday, October 12, 5:00 p.m. Floyd Theater
Thursday, November 2, 7:00 p.m. Floyd Theater
Introduction: Dr. Avery Kolers, Department of Philosophy, University of Louisville

Title: The Empty Classroom
Director(s): Multiple directors
Country: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, El Salvador
Year: 2015
Language: Spanish and Portuguese with English subtitles
Genre: Drama
Type: Full length feature film
Length: 111 minutes.
Format: Digital
Rating*: NR L 
*Rating System:  Latin American films use a different rating system.
However, we have used the following rating system to evaluate these films.
V includes violence | L includes strong language | N includes nudity | S includes sex

Pragda's info on the film:  https://pragda.com/film/empty-classroom/


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Nearly half of all young people in Latin America never finish high school. To explore this dropout crisis, creative director Gael García Bernal gathered 11 award-winning filmmakers who have created a captivating anthology of short films, both narrative and documentary. There is no easy solution to this complex issue, and each short delves into the underlying reasons, from poverty to societal traditions, that students aren't graduating.
This omnibus features films by multi awarded filmmakers Argentina's Lucrecia Martel (The Headless Woman) and Pablo Fendrik (Ardor), El Salvador's Tatiana Huezo (The Tiniest Place), Mexico's Mariana Chenillo (Pragda's own PARADISE) and Nicolas Pereda (Greatest Hits), Peru's Daniel and Diego Vega (The Mute), Uruguay's Pablo Stoll (Whiskey), Brazil's Eryk Rocha (Cinema Novo) and Flavia Castro (Diaries, Letters, Revolutions), Colombia's Carlos Gaviria (Portraits in a Sea of Lies).
Among many issues, the short films explore the links between the dropout crisis and violence; how to identify students at risk of dropping out of school in Latin America; the lack of interest in school that is preventing students from graduating; school exclusion in indigenous communities; the not-so-typical challenges to finishing high school faced by a deaf student; the relationship between the financial cost to staying in school and its benefits; and what happens when drop out students want to go back.
Synopsis from From Pragda, Spanish Film Club promotional site.