“Reel” Latin America: the 23rd Latin American Film Festival--University of Louisville

F R E E    A D M I S S I O N    |    P U B L I C     W E L C O M E


Director Diego Rougier will be in attendance and field questions from the audience after the 7:00 p.m. screening.

Showtimes and Locations

Saturday October 22, 7:00 p.m. Muhammad Ali Center
Introduction: Prof. John Gibson, Department of Philosophy and Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society
Saturday October 29, 4:30 p.m. Muhammad Ali Center

Title: Alma (Soul)/Alma
Director(s): Diego Rougier
Country: Argentina
Year: 2015
Language: Spanish with English Subtitles
Genre: Drama
Type: Full length feature film
Length: 97 minutes.
Format: Digital



Thanks to Diego Rougier, Picardia Films (Santiago, Chile).


Fernando and Alma have been married for 17 years. She has a mental disorder. She is bipolar. She kicks him out the house because she learns that he cannot deal with her illness anymore. When Alma meets a young Argentinean guy, Fernando realizes that he is still in love with his wife. But it is too late because she has gone to Buenos Aires. Fernando is determined to get her back and tries to convince her that they are soul mates.



Fernando está casado con Alma, una mujer con trastorno bipolar, que lo echa de la casa porque se entera que él ya no la soporta. Cuando Alma conoce a un pretendiente argentino, Fernando reacciona y descubre que sigue enamorado de su mujer. Pero es muy tarde, porque ella se ha ido a Buenos Aires. Decidido a recuperarla, viajará a buscarla y convencerla de que ella es su Alma gemela.